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Friday, August 1, 2008

Multi Banding a Station Master CB Antenna

The Antenna that I have converted to a multi band vertical is the Station Master.A Station Master is a half wave vertical for 27MHz and can easily be converted to 28MHz (10m) band by simply moving the tap on the matching inductor up one turn.I found that once this was done that the antenna also tuned quite well on 10.1MHz (30m) band with a SWR of around 1.3/1 across the band.I also found that moving the tap to a point close to where the inductor attaches to the radiator the antenna tunes to the 14MHz (20m) band with a SWR of between 1.3/1 and 1.5/1 across the band.Just as a temporary experiment I attached a small relay to allow switching between tapping's.It was noted that the 28MHz tap had to be moved up one more turn to secure a good SWR.The additional capacitance from the relay tunes the antenna to a lower frequency thus the need for the adjustment.Apart from the retuning there seems to be no detrimental affects of placing the relay into the system and it switches between bands without a hiccup.It must be said that the small relay that I have used I would not recommend for high power use and I would recommend using a weather proof unit or weather proofing the unit that is pressed into service.At this point I have not tried to tune the Station Master to any other Amateur Bands.


Walter Cengia said...

Hi, I'm wanting to build a station master for my self and was wondering if you could give me the mounting bracket plate width-length dimensions please.



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